Eric on Cadillac Mountain
I've always been more comfortable as an observer than as a participant.

I believe that art is best consumed when it's personalized so I try to influence people's consumption of my images as little as possible. I use numbers as titles for my photos as a small tribute to one of my favorite bands, Karma to Burn, a (mostly) instrumental band whose songs were simply titled with a number indicative of the order in which they were written. I've always felt that by not giving their songs "proper" titles, they conveyed to the consumer a greater power to attribute meaning to each song. Even though we were all hearing the same sounds, we could make each song our own. As you view my work — the same photos that everyone else views — I encourage you to give the images your own titles. Personalize them and give them meaning.

I started getting really into photography in 2008 and bought my first DSLR, a Sony α200, after outgrowing my Sony DSC-W7 point-and-shoot. I shot with the basic Sony kit lenses for a while and in 2010 I bought an old Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens from ebay and was immediately hooked on Minolta prime lenses for the colors that they produce. My collection quickly expanded with 24mm, 50mm macro, 85mm and 200mm primes and I picked up one of the legendary "beercan" lenses (70-210mm f/4) to use as a zoom macro. In 2011 the α200 fell to its demise during a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I replaced it with a Sony α55 that served me very well until early 2014. It was at that point that I finally decided to make the move to a full-frame camera and with so many A-mount lenses already in my possession, it just made sense to get another Sony. I'm currently shooting with an α99.

Prints are done on Entrada Rag paper.

Contact me if you want a print that's smaller or larger than the sizes available online or if you'd like to talk about a freelance gig.